Child Dedication

Welcome to Willowdale Chapel’s child dedication! No doubt you’re in the midst of all the changes that occur when you bring a new child into your home. It can be crazy and exhausting—but we’re here to help. Not only are we excited to provide loving nursery care for your baby, but we want to be a resource for the sake of your child’s spiritual development.

What is child dedication?

This event is different from baptism. At Willowdale, we practice believer’s baptism rather than infant baptism, believing this important rite is best undertaken when a person chooses for himself to follow Jesus. Obviously, your little one is not quite capable of that yet. But we still believe the birth of your baby is a spiritually significant event, and should be marked as such through dedication.

Child dedication is your commitment to raise your children in the faith—to know and follow Jesus so that, one day, they will make their own commitment and be baptized. Child dedication is also an opportunity to publicly invite God’s grace into your children’s lives to ensure that His influence is upon them from the beginning.

Child Dedication is more than a Sunday event—it’s an opportunity for you as parents to think through what really matters most. What does it mean to dedicate your child to God? What does it mean to dedicate yourselves to Christian parenting?

We’re excited for this journey and eager to walk alongside your family. There are few satisfactions in life greater than seeing your child learn about God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Click HERE to express interest in child dedication. Once you complete the form, you will be contacted by a staff member with more information.