COVID-19 Response

Regathering Update

As our community continues to adapt to the new normal, we want to share some principles guiding our decisions about regathering as a church as well as practices and procedures. By the way, we like “regathering” versus “reopening.” We never closed our ministry; we just stopped gathering for a time. We’ve been “open” and serving all along. But when will we regather? And on what are we basing this decision?

This has been a frequently asked question, and we appreciate it. Obviously the factors are many and complex, so let’s distill it down into some principles: Guiding Principles for Willowdale.

Services Updates

We are not gathering for on-site services for the foreseeable future. Instead, we are releasing our weekly Sunday services online via Facebook Live, our YouTube Channel, and our App. We encourage everyone to engage with our community from home. Click HERE to view our past services.

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Practices for Small Group Gatherings

  • If possible, meet outdoors in open air
  • Bring your own chairs
  • Follow CDC guidelines for handwashing, social distancing and mask usage
  • Bring your own beverages/snacks instead of sharing
  • Be respectful of the needs and concerns of each other

Using Church Grounds or Facilities

  • Before considering any onsite meeting, please contact Beth Lankenau at to determine if appropriate space is available and for proper protocols to follow while on campus.
  • When using outdoor grounds on campus it is still necessary to connect with Beth so we can manage the requests.

Ministry Updates

For a summary of all our ministries and how they are operating during this phase click HERE.

Care Ministry

The pandemic is having a great impact on our community and we want you to know that we are here for you. As a church, our Care and Outreach Ministries continue to partner to serve our church body and local communities during this time of great need and challenge.

KCSD Meal Distribution Summer Program: The Kennett Consolidated School District (KCSD) is inviting Willowdale Chapel to partner with the district to recruit volunteers for the KCSD Meal Distribution Summer Program. This is an effort to offer meals to children in our community during the July and early August summer months. The project offers two different opportunities and teams to serve on:

  1. Food packing team
  2. Food distribution team

The KCSD Meal Distribution Summer Program will run from July 6th until August 6th. For more information click HERE.

Click HERE for more information regarding our Care Ministry and how you can join the team.