Finding Rhythm

We all know how disruptive life can be. How unsettling and oppressive. We reel under massive forces like technology, violence, and pandemic. We stagger under the weight of personal problems. The world is ever-changing; ever pressuring and reshaping people’s lives. It never stops demanding our attention. 

But thankfully, there’s another way to live. It’s the way of Christ. It’s the way of the kingdom. It’s the way that provides balance in the midst of upheaval, and rhythm in the midst of disruption. Jesus called it an “easy yoke.” It’s about attending to his presence and his business rather than being consumed by the busyness of the world. 

The way of Jesus is easy in that it is life-giving and gentle. (The world’s way is soul-sapping and harsh.) But it’s hard in that it is counter cultural. It can feel like swimming upstream. To be in step with Jesus is to be out of step with the world. That’s why we need a community. Friends and travel companions. A church of people called out from the world’s chaos into the rhythm of God’s very life. 

Let’s find our rhythm, and let’s do it together.

Current Series Bible Reading Plan

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