Living God’s Mission Series Resources

Series Overview

The mission of any organization is important. It helps define the why behind the reason that organization exists and the benefit they hope to bring to the world. It’s important to know that mission and repeat that mission often so you stay on track and fulfill your purpose.

The same is true for a church. The church has a mission. The big difference is that the church’s mission is God’s mission. We don’t get to define why we exist because we take our cues from God. His love for us and for our world is what should drive everything that we do.

At Willowdale Chapel, our mission is to Love God, Love Each Other, and Love the World that Jesus, through His people, is working to restore. This is our mission because we believe that it is God’s mission. Now the important part: How do we live this mission together?

Join us as we refresh ourselves on the why behind our mission. Join us as we dive into being a church that is Living God’s Mission.

    • September 12: God’s Mission
    • September 19: Love God
    • September 26: Love Each Other
    • October 3: Love the World that Jesus Through His People is Working to Restore


Companion Reading

This YouVersion companion reading plan “Acts 28-Day Reading Guide” will focus on the early church as we read the book of Acts. There are 28 chapters in the book of Acts so we’ll read a chapter a day. This 28-day plan is available through the YouVersion Bible app and includes additional daily devotional and study questions. We hope you’ll join along!

Doing the plan together on the App adds an experience of community that is so beneficial. By using the “Talk it Over” section of the reading plan you are able to share insights that you gained from the reading, perhaps even pointing something out that someone hadn’t seen before. You are also able to encourage each other and hold one another accountable. For some of us, it is actually our favorite part about doing the reading plan on the Bible App.

How to find on Bible App:

  1. Download the YouVersion Bible App
  2. Click on Plans (checkmark located on the bottom of the page)
  3. Search for the reading plan by clicking on the magnifying glass (located in the top right corner)
  4. Type into the search bar Acts 28-Day Reading Guide
  5. Select the Bible Project plan that is 28 days
  6. Click “Start Plan”
  7. Be sure to select “with friends,” this way you can do the reading plan with your friends, family, and your small group. You are able to invite up to 150 people to do the plan along with you!
  8. Select the start date: “Monday, September 13”
  9. Click on the green circle in the lower right corner to proceed to “Invite your Friends.”
  10. Select Friends through the App or send the link via text or email to anyone you would like to read along with you.

Tips for reading on the App:

  • Start by clicking on “Devotional,” there is a list of questions to consider and a small prayer included for each day.
  • Proceed to the next page by clicking the green circle in the lower right corner.
  • You can switch between Bible versions while reading.
    • At the top of the screen you will see the chapter you are reading and the version (i.e. 2 Samuel 1 NIV)
    • Click on the small grey box that says the version being used
    • A drop down of all the versions available will appear
    • Our Willowdale Kids team recommends that families try the New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
  • “Talk it Over” with friends who you are doing the reading plan. Click on the box that says “Write your response…” to send a message to your friends and family.
    • Come back later to see what they said
    • You can like their message by clicking on the heart or leave a response