This Lenten Season

The call this Lent is to journey with Jesus through the wilderness. To be tested and refined just as he was. This is the path Jesus blazed for us.

Before Jesus went public—before he proclaimed the gospel, healed the sick, and saved the world—he fasted and prayed. He communed with the Father. He faced down the temptations of the devil. Following his lead, we want to do the same in this strategic season, that we might be fully prepared for our future together.

How do Jesus’ temptations entice us?
How might his spiritual disciplines empower us?
Let’s learn and grow together.

Ash Wednesday Service

In-Person Sunday Worship Services

Throughout Lent, we encourage you to consider joining us for in-person worship as a church family every Sunday. Click HERE to register.

Lenten Resources:

  • If you’re fasting from tech or media, Andy Crouch and his daughter, Amy, have a 40-day Tech-wise Challenge. Sign up for weekly tips HERE.
  • For a gospel-saturated 40-day devotional read, try Paul David Tripp’s Journey to the Cross.
  • For a daily devotional email, receive Tim Keller’s A Journey Through Lent when you sign up HERE.