Baptism & Membership

Getting Baptized

Baptism is the one rite of passage that Jesus requires of every true believer. If you haven’t been baptized, as a believer, we invite you to take the plunge and signify your faith in Jesus. To learn more about baptism and Willowdale’s perspective click HERE. If you are interested in becoming baptized click HERE.

At Willowdale, we practice believer’s baptism rather than infant baptism, believing this important rite is best undertaken when a person chooses for himself to follow Jesus. Obviously, your little one is not quite capable of that yet. But we still believe the birth of your baby is a spiritually significant event and should be marked as such through dedication. For more information about Child Dedications, click HERE.

Becoming A Member

Church membership may sound obsolete to some, but in a culture that increasingly tries to live commitment-free, it’s more important than ever. Though membership is not required to attend Willowdale, we highly encourage it and invite you to learn why membership matters and how you can truly belong to this local body.

Watch our video on Why Membership Matters.

If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about it, please CLICK HERE and someone will be in contact with you to answer any questions you may have and to set up a conversation with one of our pastors.