Beliefs & Governance

Every organization has its operating rules and principles. These are ours, which help to keep us on mission as we love God, love each other, and love the world that Jesus, through his people, is working to restore.

To view this year’s Annual Report click the link below.
2018-2019 Annual Report 

Our Beliefs

Willowdale holds to historical Christian orthodoxy—the central doctrines of the faith that the vast majority of Christians have always believed. Click here to download our beliefs.

Watch our video on What Discipleship Looks Like.

Our Bylaws

Willowdale Chapel is a non-denominational Elder led church. Our elder board is comprised of the Lead Pastor and at least four qualified members of the congregation who are nominated and elected by our congregation.

Our bylaws serve as the governing guidelines for our elders as they lead our church.

Click here to download our bylaws.

Becoming A Member

Church membership may sound obsolete to some, but in a culture that increasingly tries to live commitment-free, it’s more important than ever. Find out why membership matters and how you can truly belong to this local body.

Watch our video on Why Membership Matters.