Our mission as Women of Willowdale is to Encourage, Equip and Empower women to grow in relationship with Jesus and to advance the cause of Christ at home, work, church and in our community. We accomplish this through our small groups and events. In our groups we enjoy great teaching, thought provoking discussion, prayer, relationship building, and serving opportunities. Our events are opportunities to build community, work as a team, and develop leadership skills as we grow our faith and reach others for Christ.

If you’d like help connecting with other women at Willowdale, click HERE to complete the Willowdale Connections form and someone will contact you.

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Winter 2022 Women’s Groups

Disciples making Disciples. 

That’s our commission from Jesus himself. It’s one thing to learn about discipling but another to put it into practice in community with other women. Please consider joining us for one of our women’s groups this Winter!

What to expect in a women’s group:

  1. Groups of 6 to 12 women of varying ages and stages of life
  2. Mixed bag of Bible knowledge: some newbies who have never been in a women’s group, others long term Jesus followers, and everyone in between
  3. Women who don’t have it all together but are committed to grow!
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Homework to challenge your faith, “Learn” Jesus and provide dynamic discussion
  6. Safe place to ask questions
  7. Soon-to-be-friends to journey alongside of you
  8. Much needed prayer

You can read more about our winter group offerings at both campuses and online, as well as register for a group by clicking below.

If you are interested in beginning a group on your own or doing a study with another woman, we’d love to help resource you! Please contact Carole Hoy choy@willowdalechapel.org for details.

High Places Yoga

Ascend with us to High Places as we abide in a Christ-centered yoga practice that empowers wholehearted worship with our breath, mind, and movements in our daily peaks, valleys and everything in-between.

Our aim is to encourage and refresh others in their journey toward the High Places of transformation, victory, and union with Christ through the modality of yoga.

Instructors, Nancy Pledger and Shannon Hargreaves, have classes in-person and online.  Visit their website or email them to learn more:

Website: https://highplacesyoga.com

Email: highplacesyoga@gmail.com