COVID-19 Ministries & Support

The virus continues to have dramatic health, economic, and social effects on our community. Please let us come alongside and help.

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer or a visit from one of our Care Team members, please click here to submit your prayer request or contact Lisa Baez Colon at

Rescue Academy

Have you ever wondered how to best help hurting people?  Have you been afraid of saying the wrong thing when trying to help others? You are not alone. We’ve all had those thoughts.

Fortunately, there is a resource that can help you prepare for those encounters. Rescue Academy is a program that teaches you how to come alongside hurting people. It instructs you in what to say and what NOT to say.  Learn about your “unfair advantage” and how to become a “shame breaker”. Learn how to help others, while not burning yourself out.

At Willowdale, our mission to love God, love each other and love the world that Jesus, through his people, is working to restore. Rescue Academy is a program that can help you accomplish your part of that mission. Join us for five virtual sessions that will give you an opportunity to learn new skills and discuss them in breakout sessions that will enhance your learning. The course is free, a workbook is provided and you will have access to all the video content for a lifetime. If you’re interested in participating in our next Rescue Academy group, click HERE!

Rescue Academy Topics Include:

  • Discover Your Unfair Advantage
  • I Am a Shame Breaker
  • Stupid Things To Stop Saying
  • The Myth of Heroic Sacrifice
  • Doodles
  • Turn “Blah” Meetings into Miracle Moments
  • Addiction Boot Camp
  • Making Sense of Depression