Deacon Care

Our Deacons are appointed to serve the needs that arise within the body of Christ, with a particular focus on people in difficult circumstances. These men and women are leaders who express the care and compassion of Christ not only to our church but also in our community and in so doing, create a culture of care that binds our church as one so that the whole body sees and responds to the needs of its members and community.

Our deacon team is composed of sub-teams that focus on particular care matters. Below is a list of those sub-teams along with a description of their focus of care.


Care Fund Ministry

Assesses needs and provides short-term relief for those in financial crisis as well as offering support for counseling needs. The Care Fund Ministry aims to meet peoples’ basic needs. Typically, these needs fall under Primary Shelter (Mortgage/Rent), Utilities (Electric/Water/Gas/Sewer/Trash), Food, Expenses (Funeral/Counseling). Recipients can be church members, regular attendees, or can have a personal connection to a church member or regular attendee.

Click here to request financial assistance for basic needs.

Click here to request financial assistance for counseling services.

Financial Education Ministry

Provides financial education opportunities to individuals or families to help them better understand budgeting and the decisions required to live within their financial constraints with a focus on setting priorities and creating a pathway towards financial freedom and good stewardship.

Home Care and Maintenance Ministry

This hands-on ministry focuses on routine home maintenance work like lawn and garden care, carpentry, minor plumbing and electrical work, car maintenance, and other related tasks.

Meals Ministry

Assists members of our church family and/or community neighbors who could benefit from a home-delivered meal for various reasons such as a significant medical issue within the family, a personal crisis or loss, or welcoming a newborn infant into the home.  

New Birth Ministry

This ministry team, along with a handful of volunteers, makes items such as baby blankets, burp cloths, and homemade breads, to place in a baby care basket. Members of this team also reach out requesting any prayer needs the family may have and to schedule delivery of the care basket.

Prayer and Care Ministry

Offers one-time or continual personal touchpoints with members of our Deacon team, addressing prayer and/or care needs to ensure that individuals are contacted in a timely manner and in a way that best serves their needs.

Click here if you’d like to submit a prayer request. And if you would like someone to contact you about your prayer needs, please be sure to let us know.

Widow & Widower Care Ministry

This ministry team connects widows and widowers with a caring, capable and equipped advocate; creating a one-to-one relationship of support and encouragement, as well as gathering information concerning their needs and connecting them to additional support systems.


If you or someone you know is in need of any of the care support described above, please click here and let us know how we can serve and care for you.


We are so grateful for our deacons who lead and actively participate in managing and caring for the ongoing needs of our church body and the surrounding community.

  • Karen Ammon
  • Andy Auger
  • Kathy Barnes
  • Joe Brendle
  • Holly Burkhart
  • Andy Chalfant
  • Mary Ann Conkle
  • Hector Nunez Contreas
  • Sarah Nunez Contreas
  • Sarah Flowers
  • Justin Grugeon
  • Barb Irwin
  • Michelle Keenan
  • Kerry Lankenau*
  • Steve Lennon
  • Josephine Mahoney
  • Paula Maxwell
  • Luke Nelson
  • Deb Parrish
  • Lou Phillips
  • Walter Rawlins
  • Tom Reindl
  • Gail Rowan
  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Eliud Simon
  • Joshua Wallace
  • Brian Weese
  • Brian West
  • Deb Williams

*Lead Deacon

Pastoral Oversight by our Care Ministries Pastor, Brett Foester