Our vision is to raise the bar for men so that they actively grow in their faith in Christ, transform and engage their community, lead and take initiative in both home and work life and identify and serve the needs of those around them.


Men’s Groups

Men’s Groups exist to disciple, equip, and encourage the men of Willowdale Chapel. The groups are a place to study the Bible, share your life, and ask tough questions. There are a variety of groups that meet at different times and locations around the area, with a list of open groups below.

  • For more information about our men’s groups or to join a group contact Tom Piacentino (Jennersville Campus) OR Andy Crawford (Kennett campus).
  • If you’d like help connecting with other men at Willowdale, CLICK HERE to complete the Willowdale Connections form and someone will contact you.

Discovery Bible Groups

Discovery Bible Groups are a core part of our Discipleship Pathway. We invite anyone to participate – whether you are new to Willowdale, new to the faith, disconnected from church community or even if you are in a group but need a reboot to join us.

In Discovery Bible Groups, our hope is that in meeting up with others in small groups we are given a little gift: A tiny glimpse into each other’s heart; a little window into who we are and what makes us tick. We also discover together who God is and how God through His word and spirit can transform us. The transformative effect is the whole goal of these groups. Which is why we say our Discovery Bible Groups are where we are transformed by God’s word together. Please CLICK HERE for more information and to register for our Discovery Bible Groups!