Current Series

When God Reaches Out

What happens when God reaches out to the world? What happens when he reaches down into  our lives? What does it look and feel like? What are the marks of a movement that is obviously,  unmistakably him

Isaiah 61 tells us.  

In a stunning vision of the future—a vision that, in Jesus, becomes now—we see what God does.  What only he can do. When God reaches out, people are set free. When he touches hearts, they’re infused with hope and joy. When God moves in, new and true identities are forged. And then, because  God has reached out, all those liberated, enlivened, souls-made-righteous band together to extend his  work to others. An outreaching God always creates an outreaching people. 

So let’s begin, first receiving God’s outreach, then dedicating ourselves to bring it to others. It’s The Year  of Outreach, when we give special focus to that third dimension of our mission, which is “To love God,  love each other, and love the world that Jesus—through his people—is working to restore.”