Current Series

The Wisdom of Friendship

It has been said that friendship “halves our troubles and doubles our joys.” But that may be an understatement. Friendship does at least that; minimally, half and double. You may find it doing even better. But many of us are not experiencing these benefits. Life these days can be so isolating, leading more and more people to say a very sad thing: “I don’t really have any friends.” Lots of acquaintances, few if any friends.

But that can change. Friendship is a brilliant reality that God made us to enjoy. And the Bible is full of wisdom for making it work. So let’s talk about it. What if in 2023 you didn’t lose any weight—but you gained a new or better friend? That would be a great year! Let’s see if we can make it happen.

  • January 8: “The Value of Friendship”
  • January 15: “Shaped by Friendship”
  • January 22: “Being that Friend”
  • January 29: “the First Risk of Friendship”
  • February 5: “The Second Risk of Friendship”
  • February 12: “The Healing of Friendship”