Special Needs Resources

Additional Willowdale Resources

Caregiver Core Group

(For all caregivers with a special needs child)

Our vision for Caregiver Core Group is to share the hope of the Gospel, embrace, encourage and give practical help to caregivers impacted by disability. This is a ten-week experience discussion-based group around a question of the week (some questions include):

  • What are some of the unique challenges you face?
  • What are “normal” challenges you face?
  • What about expectations? What were your expectations before you had your child? How have they changed?
  • How are your communication skills? How well do you understand each other?
  • How does your faith or beliefs influence your view of circumstances?
  • Is faith a priority in your marriage? How does this affect your marriage (convent vs contract)?
  • How can family, friends, and the church be supportive? Practically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Group anticipated start date is Fall 2021.  Check back here for more information in August.

LOCAL resources

National Resources

All of the websites have excellent resources available online and recommend printed resources. Most also offer community groups that have gone online since Spring 2020. Click on the Organization’s name for more information

  • Joni & Friends – Joni and Friends is answering the call in the Gospel of Luke 14, “invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind and you will be blessed…make them come in so my house will be full.”
    We train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disability to exercise their gifts of leadership and service in their churches and communities. We have disability-related resources and Christian encouragement.
  • Key Ministry – Since 2002, we’ve provided knowledge, innovation, and experience to the worldwide church as it ministers to and with families of kids with disabilities. While expanding our service to churches, we find ourselves called to a new phase of ministry in which we seek to help families impacted by disability to become connected with local churches where parents and children can worship and grow in faith alongside other Christ-followers.
  • Tim Tebow Foundation – The Tim Tebow Foundation is committed to serving and celebrating people with special needs. Currently, we are reaching this demographic via four key initiatives: Night to Shine, Shine On, International Education & Resource Centers, and International Special Needs Coalitions.
  • SOAR Special Needs Ministry
    • Mission Statement: Assist and empower families with special needs to SOAR in their local and faith communities with key resources, impactful activities, and thriving environments so that they can live beautiful lives.
    • Vision Statement: SOAR is committed to a future of providing an environment for families with special needs where their key needs are met and every life is affirmed with love and honor as Jesus intended in Luke 14:7-24.